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Google Duo: The Missing Link

Duo Logo



The barriers between Android and IOS users have just grown thinner with the introduction of Googles new app, Google Duo.  Google Duo remedies the problem of video chat from Android to IOS, in an awesome magnificent fashion . I intended to release this article sooner but decided to actually use the  app for a few weeks first.  My official opinion and experience is in, more on that later.


Google decided to keep things simple and very user intuitive with Duo.  Duo uses a very user friendly layout that stays true to simplicity. Duo was designed to counter act other third party apps like Tango, Skype etc.  In first test the app seems to stream clearer video than FaceTime, which in retrospect is a key feature of FaceTime.


Google started to roll out the app on August 16, 2016. Google continue to push it out over the next few days, Google initially had it sit up where you could go to the Google Play store and register for when it was available.   Video Chat in general has been a blessing for me, as I have family that live all over the United States, but using Tango or Skype as left much to be desired.  In the little over three weeks that I have been using Google Duo, I can honestly say that I am  impressed. The simplicity of the design lets anyone one feel comfortable using it.  The video quality in general shows amazingly clearer when compared to Skype or Tango. I have recommended Duo to several family members, friends, and associates.


Google Duo in my humble opinion is the best video chat app on the Market, I don’t know if IPhone fans will agree or not, but  in my experience it can’t be beat. Give it a try for yourself. You have nothing to loose, its free.


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Is Android better than IOS? — You Decide


LogoAndroid          logoIOS

There has been the mighty battle of IPhone Users Vs. Android Users and not even more targeted to IPhone Vs. Samsung Galaxy line.  Both brands and Operating systems are great, each has its pros and cons.  Both platforms have its own mass of fanboys and fangirls.  But which platform is truly better?  Does the fact that Apple has decided to order 100 million Super AMOLED displays for a future IPhone from Samsung mean that Apple believes that Samsung has superior screens than they do?  Both platforms are unique yet similar, Android boast about being open source which has LED the way for many innovations that Apple has decided to adopt over time, NFC payments is one example which Android had first followed by IOS’s, Apple Pay.

What Makes Android better

Google acquired Android back in 2007 for the estimated sum of $50,000,000.  Google boast that this acquisitions is one of the best they have ever made.   Since then Google has continued to make improvements and innovate features for Android. Android is normally the leader in the market with new features out of the gate.  the willingness to innovate and take chances has made Android the leader in the industry at the moment.


What makes IOS better

While many Android fans would hate to admit, the way IOS is configured is better on RAM and runs more efficiently.  For example, most IPhone only have to have 2 Gigs of RAM, to get the same level of production Android devices normally need 3 or more Gigs to be just as efficient.  I would assume this technology does save Apple money in the long run.  Apple’s fandom is also very loyal, but its not impossible for them to switch over to an Android device, as you can see in Apples stock at the moment.  Eventually people get tired of upgrading every year for a device that’s almost exactly the same as the previous with one or two minor upgrades.


It all comes down for your general preference.  Some love the openness of Android along with the innovations, while others prefer the trendiness and the fashion statement that the IPhone represents, you are cool if you have one clique.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) Review


Hello, readers. Today I want to give you a review on my experience with the recent update of the Galaxy Note 5 to Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). I’ve been checking for this upgrade for a while, I’ve been running the new update since March 10th. I am really surprise that Verizon Wireless is the first Carrier in the United States to push this update out. Here is a NOTE OF CAUTION, First of all if you are planning on installing the upgrade and you use Samsung Kies or Smart Switch to transfer or backup your phone, please due so prior to installing Marshmallow. I lost some important voice notes, because of the updates erratic behavior prior to a system data reset.

Blue Marsh




I tell you to back up prior to installing because my installation had so many issues from rapid sporadic restarts, not being able to attach to my computer etc. All of which was fixed by doing a factory data reset. The factory data reset apparently was able to fix all issues, now the Note 5 runs extremely perfect, even better than before. I will talk about the most noticeable feature improvements and my opinion on this post.



Improvement Time for the Fingerprint Scanner

The fingerprint scanner on the Note 5 seemed decent prior to the install of the new software, but it was not on the IPhone 6S’s level. But I can see a huge difference post-update, I am not sure what changes and tweaks Samsung have made to the algorithm in order for it to work so much faster and smoother, at most instances it is almost instant. Sometimes I have to wonder if it was locked or did the scanner really work that fast. The speed is a major improvement.
Application Permissions
In Android 6.0, those of you who dread giving an application all those permissions upon install, can now rest assure and have a little more faith in Android. Prior to the update apps were allowed to use any permission you granted at install (which was mandatory to accept in order to install). Now Apps must request permission to use feature prior to doing so, if you are not comfortable with an app accessing your contacts just simply deny access upon the dialog prompt. This is a feature I really like.
There is a few subtle changes to the overall theme nothing major, but it is most noticeable in the dropdown menu, which I have screenshot to illustrate, I think it is a much needed upgrade. You also now get a built in flashlight icon, you no longer have to download one from the android market.



Thoughts on the Upgrade

My overall experience with the new upgrade to Android 6.0 has been pretty amazing once I resolved the initial bugs. The UI has been flawless and has shown no lag at all thus far, it somehow even seems faster. I am happy and impressed by Google’s continue innovation in the Smartphone arena. If you are a Galaxy Note 5 user on Verizon you will love the upgrade, it is surprising that Verizon is the first Carrier to update the Note 5 in the U.S. I hope you enjoy your upgrade, I will post more updates as my test of Android 6.0 continues.

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Deciphering the Issues between Apple and the FBI

In this day and age Mobile phones are the norm for everyday citizens here in the United States as well as in most parts of the developed world. Therefore mobile phones have become extensions of people. which is why the world’s leading mobile phone manufacture and computer conglomerate Apple is being pressured for to decrypt or build a backdoor in its mobile OS. In the past The FBI has sent such request to Apple until Apple decided to start building encryption into its phones that they say they cant even decrypt themselves. Google has done similar with the Android platform.

News and technology portals have been closely scrutinizing the two parties’ exchange of negotiations when it comes to building backdoors into public devices. If Apple finally gives in to the orders of FBI, here are some of the pros and cons which regular customers may experience:

Pro Number 1: Apple Can Contribute Towards Solving Crimes?

Criminals can be trace back to their phones and policing agencies can yous cellular triangulation to pinpoint a suspect’s whereabouts or exact location. This is particularly important especially when their whereabouts would be inspected during the day of the crime. If Apple gave the FBI a backdoor, what could they really do with it. In the recent San Bernardino case the FBI wants to see if there is any important information on the case. Perhaps more clues will be found, and another crime can be traced and stopped.

Pro Number 2: FBI Can Prevent More Terrorist From Executing Terroristic Plots

It would certainly be consoling for Americans to know how their safety would be ensured a step further, but at what point does it stop? there are some Americans that feel a backdoor should be built and there are does that despise the idea. There is pros and cons to both sides.  this can be a good tool for crime prevention. This may even be done by programming a couple of usual steps which criminals make before they pounce on their victims. The program will then help Governmental agencies  to learn every piece of information possible from devices that terrorist may leave behind.

Con Number 1: Lack of Privacy

However despite the security which can be provided as Apple allows some level of information access, agencies may be placed in a position of power and abuse. There may be instances where they would get overboard and take their power to the extremes. Hence, people will lack the freedom to access and exchange information in the privacy of their homes or offices.


Con Number 2: Can Reach a Level of Feeling Oppressed


If Steve Jobs’ legacy allows for government infiltration of information access into peoples property which a right to privacy is guaranteed to us in the U.S. Constitution. Individuals will feel watched and more inhibited to express their thoughts. Information sharing and exchanges may lessen, and this can counter the ideal of freedom of speech and expression.


Weighing out the pros and cons, along with their trade-offs must certainly be regulated since freedom of information and right to privacy have huge prices to pay. This is why it would be worthwhile for smartphone users to keep updated on the latest news and information for their own good.


Since phones have become an extension of people, governmental agencies have seen yet another potential to ensure the security of Americans against attacks, or so them claim, which is one reason for the Patriot Act. Read up on the latest news and see how they can benefit you today.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. Galaxy S6


Galaxy S7 Picture

Galaxy S7 Picture

Hello and Welcome back.  Today we are going to discuss the Galaxy S7 and my issues with Samsung, which I will eventually get over.  The Samsung Galaxy S7 is everything the Galaxy S6 should have been.  It’s like having a “type” then getting dumped and your new girlfriend is a big upgrade. It hurts at first because you have to shove out the money for a new phone is less than a year.  The new design is really reminiscent of its predecessor, you get everything you love about the Galaxy S5 and S6 in the same phone. It’s like they got together and had offspring (l I am just saying). Almost the same beautiful design glass and metal very high-end feel in hand.  With new features, In my humble opinion old features where purposely left out of the S6 so consumers will want to or have to upgrade to its latest iteration of the phone. It’s more than likely a marketing ploy that all companies use.


S7 Side view

The S6 lost a lot of features when compared to its predecessor the S5, it lost water and dust resistance and a key feature the expandable storage via Micro SD card.  Which to me along with the processor, screen and camera are some of the most important features you can ask for on a phone. Bold and behold, it’s like magic the S7 now has expandable storage as of the time of this writing expandable up to 200 GB but may be more later. The phone has the latest iteration of Android yes the phone ships with Android 6.0.1.  The Galaxy S7’s return of the Micro SD, water and dust resistance is features I am so glad to see return.  These features should have never gone away. Technology is always advancing, but how many new features can you incorporate into a phone each year that will have consumers drooling. After all what is the next got to have feature these companies are coming out with. It seems that cell phone technology has slowed a little bit, but what is already on the market will continue to make improvements over time, better battery life, higher resolutions screens etc.

Overall the phone is still amazingly beautiful with a quality premium build it’s like looking at a beautiful woman.  Should you upgrade from your S6?  It all depends, can you do without the Micro SD and other absent features? Unless you just fell in love, (I kind of have) or just want a new phone or have ran out of memory on your S6.  Should you upgrade from the S5? Absolutely!!!!  This is a pretty big upgrade over the S5 and you still get water resistance and micro SD memory expansion.  You can pre-order yours now for the release on March 11, 2016.   Some carriers are even running deals for pre-ordering for instance Verizon is giving you a Samsung VR googles or a Galaxy gear watch, incentive my friend.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Look-Back Review



Welcome to Ensuing Tech, your spot for tech news and reviews!  Today we have a treat in store for you, as you should have notice by the title, I am reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.   The Note 5 has been my everyday phone since it launched.  I upgraded from the Galaxy S5, just straight bypassed the S6.  Why you ask… well the S6 was lacking a lot of features that the S5 had including SD card slot, water and dust resistance, all of  which would have been a real pain to give up.  On the other hand the Note 5 also lacked all the same features but the phone also softened that blow by making up for it with the S Pen and larger screen (I’ve never used a note device prior to this one).  If it wasn’t for those I don’t think I would have upgraded and maybe would still be rocking my S5.

Let’s get this party started.  The Note 5 is jammed pack with specs and over the last few months I have put them to the test.   These are the specs for the Verizon Wireless version, the specs might slightly differ from carrier to carrier.


World Device Works in over 200 countries
Standby Time Up to 12 days
Usage Time Up to 25 hours
Camera 16MP
Weight 6.03 oz
Screen 5.7 Quad HD (2560×1440), 515 ppi, Super AMOLED; Full Touch Bar, Gorilla Glass 4 by Corning
Battery 3000mAh Lithium Ion
Network/Global Network  

CDMA Data – 1x and EVDO Rev0/Rev. A, LTE: 13(700), 4(1700/2100), 2(1900), 3(1800), 7(2600), LTE CA 13+4 (10+10)/                 GPRS/EDGE/GSM(850/900/1800/1900), HSPA/UMTS(850/900/1900/2100)


The phone also comes with 32GB or 64GB storage and 4GB RAM.  Supports 4K video recording along with a 2.1GHz, 1.5GHz Octa-core CPU.  In my day to day experience the phone has been extremely snappy.  Personally I have been able to incorporated the S Pen feature in to my daily use.  Yes we all have heard about Pen gate by now and yes  you will break the sensor  if you insert the pen in at the wrong end which I have never experienced.  But you are in luck there is a ways to get that wrongly inserted pen out by using a sheet of paper, don’t just try to pull it out.  I am including a link from Phone Surgeons on Youtube where the guy does a really good job of explaining why it gets stuck and one way to fix it https://youtu.be/EIonKxVnVJk .  Another way is to cut a piece of paper and insert it like a straw around the pen, which will release it and it should be able to just fall out, just Youtube it.

I also use Google launcher to get more of an authentic Android UI feel, I am not a big Touch Wiz fan. But overall the phone is a beautiful and powerful device that I would recommend to anyone that is a power user.




  • Samsung Galaxy Note5
  • Pre-installed SIM Card (4FF)
  • SIM Removal tool
  • 3,000mAh Battery(Non-removable)
  • S-Pen
  • DTA Head/Data Cable
  • Product Safety and Warranty
  • Important Consumer Safety Information
  • Quick Reference Guide


Galaxy Note 5 Box



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The Next iPhone: Things that Tech Enthusiasts Would Like to See

Iphone Dry

Each year, every time that a new iPhone is released, Apple easily makes it to the global news, spurring excitement over their new flagship smartphone.  As one of the best within the product category, the company has been incessant in investing in its research and development to introduce innovative features that will rival their previous phones. While the release of the newest iPhone is slated to be still a few months away, it cannot be denied that many are already hyped, and hence, speculating on whatever new technology might be introduced by Apple.  With this, keep on reading and know more about the various features that tech enthusiasts, or even regular customers, would like to see.



Waterproof Construction


Have you ever accidentally dropped your phone in the toilet? Do you wish you can use your iPhone taking pictures while you are underwater?  With this, one technology that many are wanting for the new iPhone is for such to be waterproof. It has been a constant rumor in the news every time a new iPhone is released, but so far, it did not materialize. With the newest model scheduled to be released in September, many are hoping that Apple will finally make their iconic phone waterproof.


Sapphire Glass


Another tech innovation that many wish to see with the newest iPhone is the incorporation of a sapphire glass. Many have thought that the iPhone 6 will already be sporting such, but it was only used in the phone’s camera. Compared to Gorilla Glass, sapphire glass is believed to be better because of its improved capability to withstand scratches. The incorporation of this display technology, however, can lead into higher prices.


Wireless Charging


When Samsung introduced the wireless charging technology in the S6 series, many Apple fans wished for the same. With the iPhone 7, a lot are anticipating that Apple will finally make this dream feature a reality. This is going to make it more convenient for users to charge their phone and can also prolong the functional life of the iPhone as frequent plugging with a USB charging device can affect its internal components.

white iphone

Improved Battery Life


If there is one feature of the iPhone that many would want to be improved, it would be with its battery. Many are wishing to have a technology that will allow them to fully charge their devices within a few minutes, and more importantly, for the battery to be longer lasting in spite of heavy usage. There are even some who are advocating for a user- replaceable battery, which is anticipated to increase the functional life of the phone.

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